Frequently Asked Questions

Why was OktoHub created?

OktoHub was created to give strong producing agents who do not have an assistant, an option to hire an assistant when they need it. We recognize the stress many agents feel when trying to balance helping their clients and maintaining a healthy and happy personal life. Our system is designed to help you maintain and even grow your business without having to give up what matters most.

Is OktoHub a lead generation or referral service?

NO, it is not a lead generation or referral service. OktoHub provides agents access to other agents ready to be hired and help in a non-competitive system. We enforce a strong no poaching policy to ensure you the utmost in trust that you and your client’s interest will be adequately taken care of.

 Is the hired agent expected to prepare contracts or negotiate for my client?

No, they are not allowed to prepare or negotiate contracts on your or your client’s behalf. They are simply there to provide access, meet a contractor, hold an open house or a variety of other tasks.  They are instructed to direct any questions regarding preparing an offer back to the hiring agent.

Will I be randomly assigned to an agent?

NO, you ultimately decide who you hire. You will have agents competing for your business and it is likely you will have more than one agent accept your task.  However, you decide which agent you will hire based on your past experience or on the information in their profile and a rating system we have created.

When do I pay?

Once you have chosen an agent, you will be charged for their service. However, that payment will not be forwarded onto the hiring agent until he/she have completed the task and you have confirmed it.

Can I cancel a task?

Yes, you can cancel up to 3 hours before to receive a full refund.

How am I hired through OktoHub?

If you are a licensed realtor in the state of Washington and currently have your license at a broker’s office, you can qualify to be hired through OktoHub. Simply setup your account online and once we have verified your credentials, you are ready to roll.

How I do I get paid?

Once your task has been completed and confirmed by the hiring agent, we will transfer payment to your broker via Stripe. We strive to complete all payments within 2 days of the task completion.

Can I use OktoHub to hire and also be hired?

Yes, you can do both or just one side. It’s up to you. If you do not want to be notified of tasks, do not choose anything in the task bar in your profile section.

How much does OktoHub charge?

OktoHub has set prices for all tasks and does offer a custom option for those we didn’t think of.  20% of the total amount is collected by OktoHub prior to the payment transfer to your broker.

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