Top Single Property Websites for Real Estate Professionals

Jun 13, 2022 | Marketing, Real Estate Agents

As a real estate professional, you probably want to get as many eyes on your listings as possible. However, this is easier said than done, especially in today’s highly competitive real estate markets.

One way to get more leads for your listings is to create single property websites for them that showcase the property in different ways and include your contact information for interested parties.

This is a great way to generate leads for your listings. You may be wondering how you can create single property websites for all your listings without the technical or coding skills, resources, and time needed to do so. Moreover, you may wonder how you will get potential buyers to visit your website.

Don’t worry. At OktoHub, we are constantly coming up with new ways to make real estate practices easier for professionals>. Hence, today, we will discuss the top single property websites for real estate professionals to help you get started with direct lead generation for all your listings.

But first…

What Is a Single Property Website?

A single property website is a website for a single real estate property, where you can showcase pictures, videos, information, tours, and more about a listing. The website also features your contact information for anyone interested in the property.

You can create your own single property website, partner with a website designer or agency who can help you setup your own single property website, or choose from existing platforms that provide them. The latter is a more convenient option because it does not require much time, technical skills, or effort on your part.

Top Single Property Websites for Real Estate Professionals


Rela is a great platform for creating single property websites. It is smart and integrated enough that you only need to add the address of your listing, and it will immediately pull up all the information about that property for you.

You can put up any high-quality pictures and videos you have of the listing and also add your contact information. Rela offers some very nice templates to choose from, so you have some variety for the different types of available listings in your real estate portfolio.

Moreover, there is an option to integrate video conferencing as well. Hence, you can use your single property website to remotely schedule video meetings with interested buyers. With Rela, you can create a simple yet effective property website that is easy to navigate and understand for potential visitors and buyers.


Modobay is another excellent platform that brings ease and convenience for real estate professionals with no need for technical website-building skills. It offers custom branding and templates options so you can easily create multiple single property websites.

Users do not need to optimize websites for search engines or mobile devices either because Modobay automatically does it for them. This helpful feature translates into more exposure and a better experience for your website visitors and potential buyers.

You can also include virtual tours and property features and the typical addition of images and videos. Potential buyers will appreciate the virtual tours and easy navigation this platform provides.

Crib Flyer

Crib Flyer is a single property website that focuses on luxury homes and listings. While you can use any single property website platform for upscale listings, a platform like Crib Flyer is designed specifically for luxury property listings.

They offer a theme builder to customize your website design and include floor plans along with pictures, videos, and your contact information. The interface is quite user-friendly with intuitive navigation, and the platform automatically optimizes your website for mobile devices.

Even more interesting is the fact that you can integrate your website with Google Analytics, which means you can take advantage of Google’s tools for measuring website performance. There are also options for lead generation forms, tour scheduling, and social media buttons.

All these things improve the user and visitor experience while giving you more options and features to take advantage of.

Listings Unlimited

Listings Unlimited is one of the top single property websites for real estate professionals out there. It offers some incredible features that you won’t find on other platforms. Things like effective marketing tools, lead generation tools, and brilliant, in-depth website designs are all on the table.

The best part is that it is quite easy to create websites for all your listings. Moreover, Listings Unlimited automatically produces useful information for all your listings. For example, when you create a website for a listing, the platform will automatically pull up information like local maps, neighborhood insights, and even information like nearby schools, based on the address of your listing.

They also allow you to upload and add “unlimited” pictures and videos for your listings, which is something that is limited on most other platforms.

My Single Property Websites

My Single Property Websites offers a comprehensive solution for creating single property websites for your listings and marketing them. Once you have uploaded the information and media for your listing to create the website, the platform allows you to group the information to key real estate websites.

You can automatically share information with major real estate platforms like Yahoo Real Estate, Trulia, and Zillow. You can also create effective email flyers and Tweet your listings if you want. Many real estate professionals use this platform to showcase their properties, neighborhoods, tours, and contact information.


As the name suggests, LUX LVL is another single property website platform that specializes in luxury properties and upscale listings. They offer attractive contemporary themes to bring out the best from your property, and you also get data analytics reports to learn how well your website is performing.

You can upload high-quality images, and the platform will use them to create the stylish design of your selected theme while integrating immense functionality into the design as well. Moreover, LUX LVL automatically produces information about the neighborhood, nearby schools, and walkability score of your listing, among other things.


These were just some of the top single property websites for real estate professionals, and there are plenty more, which we can discuss another time. We did not include all of them in this list, as they offer more advanced features that often require more technical knowledge and skill to take advantage of fully.

For now, you can try any one of the mentioned single property websites for your listings, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results. You will get a unique website for your listings and be able to directly generate far more leads than ever before in competitive markets.

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