Useful Tech Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Mar 15, 2022 | Home Sales, Real Estate Agents

Real estate professionals have busy careers. Their work involves meetings, executing marketing plans, organizing open houses, conducting inspections, closing deals, and much more.

Solutions and innovations that make their careers easier are always welcome, and modern technology has made it possible to improve many aspects of their demanding careers.
Hence, we are sharing some useful tech tools for real estate professionals that will help streamline your business, increase productivity, and improve your career.

Useful Tech Tools for Real Estate Professionals

We have divided our tech tools into separate categories as following.

Virtual Tours, Staging, and Open Houses

With social distancing protocols and travel limitations being common, real estate professionals need modern tech tools to provide virtual tours to their clients.


Photos of properties are always great for giving buyers an idea of the layout. Even better is what Truplace offers. This service allows you to give buyers a better perspective of your listing by providing them with a floor plan for it. They get a comprehensive layout and virtual tour that lets prospective buyers see photos as they go all around the property.

Virtual Staging Solutions

Empty spaces and rooms can easily put off buyers. While it isn’t smart to fill up a room from end to end or display personal items, you need to stage homes to make them aesthetically pleasing.

Virtual Staging Solutions allows you to fill up a room with virtual objects like decor and furniture to let buyers visualize a property as a home. You should know that Virtual Staging Solutions is expensive and charges by the number of photos.
However, it is a far better, easier, and economical solution than paying a staging company for actually staging homes.

Facebook Live

With a live streaming option, Facebook Live can be very useful for real estate professionals. Whether your clients are selling or buying a home, Facebook Live can be of great use. You can live stream video footage of homes to remote buyers or provide virtual open houses to your clients.


Matterport provides an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to provide virtual tours to their clients. You can think of it like the Street View feature on Google Maps but, instead of streets, you can view properties in 3D.

Networking and Real Estate Assistance

Real estate professionals need to have a strong network of trusted colleagues if they expect to achieve success in their careers. Moreover, it is a tough career, and they all need some assistance. However, not everyone can afford to hire a professional permanently.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution for both real estate assistance and networking.


OktoHub is the first-ever on-demand real estate assistance program that allows you to create a network of trusted real estate professionals around you. You can then hire them for task-based real estate jobs without having to commit to hiring them permanently.
OktoHub kills two birds with one stone because it provides you the means to create a trusted network of colleagues, eliminating the need to hire a full-time professional for real estate assistance.

You will never have to trade your personal or family time for your career because OktoHub> lets you hire professionals for real estate jobs like open houses, showings, inspections, meetings, and much more. You only pay for what you need, and this helps you save money without compromising on your career.


Every business needs storage for documents, files, reports, photos, data, and many other things, especially a real estate business. Fortunately, the digital world offers us far better and efficient storage options than the file rooms of the past.

Real estate professionals can now use cloud storage services to store volumes of paperwork safely in the cloud and remotely access them at the click of a button.


Dropbox is a popular and convenient cloud storage option for real estate professionals. You can create shared folders between clients and colleagues, share property images, and much more. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, and you can pay a nominal monthly fee for 100Gb of storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is perhaps the best option of the bunch, and you can pretty much do it all with this storage option. Gmail is a widely-used email service, and it comes with a Google Drive account for sharing files and photos with other users online easily.

You can use Google Drive to store property images, details, and files in the cloud, share them, and you can also create and share slides, spreadsheets, and documents.


Every professional needs to take notes, and real estate professionals must do it regularly to stay organized, meet client requirements, and provide a seamless service.


Evernote is an old and excellent note-taking application that helps you maintain an endless amount of notes to stay organized and keep tasks off your mind. You can use it in many ways, like make notes for individual clients, properties, or combined notes for all your buyers or sellers.

It is easy to sync Evernote to your devices, making it easier to access from your phone, laptop, or workstation. However, the free version limits you to basic features, two devices for linking, a smaller note size, and 60Mb of uploads per month which is plenty.

You can unlock unlimited notes, devices, advanced features, and much more by opting for their highest-tier paid plan.

Signing Documents

Whether buying, selling, or leasing homes, any real estate process requires plenty of paperwork. As a real estate professional, it is your job to get these papers delivered and signed by respective parties.

Often, you may have to mail documents back and forth or deliver them to clients personally. Luckily, useful tech tools for real estate professionals have made it possible for you to do this digitally through online e-signature services.


HelloSign is a quick, easy way to get legally binding e-signatures from your clients without needing to be present in the same place as them. HelloSign offers a free version for signing up to 3 documents. However, this offer is only for giving you an idea of their services.

Being a professional, you may want to sign up for their paid services, which are available in different tiers depending on the number of documents you want to send for signing.


Unlike Hellosign’s paid services that charge by the number of documents, DocuSign provides a pricing plan designed for real estate professionals and brokerages. For a small monthly fee, you can send an unlimited number of documents for signing, and you can also have your branding or letterhead on the documents.

Free Options

If you don’t want to pay for e-signature services, use the free e-signature options on PC or Mac. You can import your signature into Adobe Reader for PC or Preview for Mac and sign documents for free.

These aren’t the easiest of options to implement. However, once you become familiar, it becomes simpler to perform.

Location Sharing

It can be a hassle to guide clients to property locations for showing; this can often delay schedules and annoy clients. With location sharing, real estate professionals can make the whole process easy and seamless.

My Maps

My Maps is a Google application that allows you to create custom maps with places that matter to you. Being a product of Google, you can be certain of the maps’ accuracy and integration on devices. My Maps will help you communicate property locations to your real estate clients easily.

You can increase productivity and save time and effort by dropping pins to all the properties you plan to show your client. You can do it all at once, and share the locations a day before your scheduled showings.


As a professional in the real estate industry, you may already know about and use some of the mentioned useful tech tools for real estate professionals.

If not, we hope you now have different options to improve multiple aspects of your real estate career. We recommend trying out each of the mentioned tech tools to experience the difference they bring to your career.

However, if we had to pick just one, we would choose OktoHub because it is a unique and highly practical solution for real estate professionals. It provides much-needed real estate assistance while helping you create a strong network of trusted colleagues.

If you want to learn more about useful tech tools for real estate professionals or about OktoHub, please visit our website today.

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